RESISTANCE REciPIES: Black resilience in the face of bullshit


Join us as we explore herbal remedies, mindfulness practices and spells that support our bodies in cultivating resilience in the face of anti-black racism and white supremacy.  We will focus specifically on herbs that increase the body’s capacity to recognize trauma, restore balance, increase strength and stamina, and resist physical, emotional, and environmental stressors.

Modeled after the Mississippi Freedom schools of the 1960s, we will ground our learning in Black radical traditions, drawing specifically from Black Queer Feminist praxis to understand how we cultivate resilience within our bodies and our communities, channeling wisdom from our ancestors and present day warriors.  

Together we will identify how our bodies respond to acute and chronic stress and co-design creative ways to process and remix our experiences of trauma.

In this interactive, hands-on, Black love-centered space, we will collectively share tools and resources to uncover the multiple ways white supremacy and anti-black racism traumatizes our minds, bodies and spirits and lift up strategies that center our resistance and resilience. This workshop is specifically geared towards Black, Indigenous and People of color survivors and resistors of anti-black racism and white supremacy and Black, Indigenous and POC folks who do not identify as survivors but recognize that shit is hard as fuck and are struggling and hustling hhaaaaard out here in these streets.

Each freedom friday will center a specific topic. You do not have to sign up for each session. Coming to just one session is completely cool.

Please note: as teachers we are not experts; we are facilitators and learners committed to growing and co-creating spaces that lift up the myraid of wisdom in community.


March 10: SAFETY
March 24: PTSD
April 21: FIBROIDS (For Black Folks Only)
May 26: SANCTUARY (For Black Folks Only)



All sessions are sliding scale which mostly covers the cost of supplies and food. And YES, there will be SNACKS! Each session is pay as you wish.  Whether or not you are applying and would like to support with food and/or logistics, please email  This is a community-run and supported series; all resources are donation-based .

We are asking all participants to refrain from wearing scented products (lotions, perfume/cologne, hair products, laundry detergent). If you have any access needs or concerns, please contact me at so that we can game plan or strategize together.