Alchemy is an innovative and holistic fellowship program that lifts up the brilliance of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color leaders through personal growth, capacity building, community engagement and deep transformative relationships.

The fellowship is designed to generate knowledge, deepen healing practice, build organizing skills, strengthen relationships and exchange strategies among leaders who work on issues of healing, social justice, and liberation for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Throughout the year, fellows participate in hands on workshops, rituals, dialogues, and practice. Alongside Harriet’s Apothecary members,  fellows will create a learning and practice community to learn from and grow with each other, virtually and in person.

As a fellow you will gain in-depth fieldwork experience by exploring, co-creating, and facilitating healing spaces that meet the needs of Black, Indigenous and People of Color.

Throughout the fellowship year,  you will be encouraged to apply your intuition and your skills to experiment through new and existing challenges and strategic questions around healing and liberation.

Fellows will also receive coaching and work with an accountability partner throughout the program to support their growth and development.

We believe in the power of politicized leaders and healers in creating more liberatory, equitable, sustainable and pleasurable movements. Our intention is to create an interdependent community of people who center healing and justice within themselves and in movement building work who affirm and support each other as we deepen our personal and collective practice towards liberation through a healing justice lens.

The fellowship runs once every two years. This year we will welcome an all Black Cohort. Every other year, we will welcome a Black, Indigenous, and People of Color cohort.

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Summer Solstice - Spring Equinox  (June 21, 2019 - March 18, 2020)


  • Political education workshops

  • Peer to peer coaching

  • Immersive intensives on healing justice, disability justice, cultural activism, community accountability and more

  • Transformational relationships

  • Ritual on Harriet Tubman land

  • Support, affirmation, and love from the Harriet’s Apothecary community


During the fellowship, you will implement a healing justice project of your own design in the fall and/or winter of 2019 and/or spring 2020. The project must have a clear impact on the health and wellbeing of Black, Indigenous, and People of color on a community scale. Projects can be new or can be current projects that meet the goals and visions of the fellowship.



Before applying, we encourage you to reflect on whether you have the capacity to be fully committed to this program and if you are a good fit for the fellowship at this time.

To figure out if you are a fit for this program, ask yourself::

  • How does the healing work I do center social justice?

  • How do my power dynamics challenge and grow who I am?  

  • How does my healing practice engage community in generative and transformative ways?

  • What is my relationship to commitment and follow through?

  • What is my relationship to collaborative work centered around healing?


This fellowship is designed for people who:

  • Practice transformative leadership centered in self awareness and anti-oppression practice

  • Have a history of movement-building or social justice work in your community

  • Have impeccable accountability and follow through and are available for fellowship dates

  • Have a clear commitment to ending racism in the medical and wellness industrial complex

  • Equally love autonomy, interdependence as well as continuous collaboration and feedback from peers  

Priority will be given to Black applicants who are LGBTQ2S, working class, people with disabilities, formerly incarcerated people, people with dependents, and cis women.



We are committed to economic justice and creating spaces where we can support equitable access to our programs while compensating our Black leadership well for holding the labor and love of this sacred work.


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