We strive to ensure that Harriet’s Apothecary is accessible and welcoming to our community. If you have access needs and/or need support in attending Harriet’s Apothecary in the fullness of your being, please email beatboxbotanicals@gmail.com .

Take the 3 train to Nostrand. Head south on Nostrand Ave toward Union St. Turn right onto Empire Blvd.

Take the 5 train to Sterling St. Head south on Nostrand Avenue toward Union St. Turn right onto Empire Blvd.

Take the Q train to Prospect Park. Head east on Lefferts Avenue toward Washington Ave. Turn left onto Washington Avenue. Slight right onto Franklin ave. Turn right onto Empire Blvd.


Please note that this building is not wheelchair accessible, there are 7 stairs to get into the space. As well as stairs in the building to get to certain healing rooms.

We will have designated scent-safer spaces at Harriet’s Apothecary.

Please be scent/fragrance-free to the extent that you are able to, so that beloved community members with chemical sensitivities can attend Harriet’s Apothecary. If you need support being scent/fragrence-free feel free to contact us at beatboxbotanicals@gmail.com or check out this great article by fellow love warrior Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha.

Bathrooms at Harriet’s Apothecary are designated All Gender.

We are working on providing free childcare. Please register for Harriet’s Apothecary if you need childcare. Also provide how many children will be attending with you and if they have access needs.

Please support us in making Harriet’s Apothecary  more accessible to more people each season. If you have feedback, questions, or suggestions, or want to volunteer or help organize around access, please email beatboxbotanicals@gmail.com.