Wanna bring in the Winter Solstice with a Black, Indigenous and PoC led holiday bazaar, swag swap and healing village that includes conjure magik, Colored Girls Hustling, adornments inspired by the sciences, numerology, mythologies & fairytales, medicine to honor the Orishas, sound healing cyphers, free to low cost healing services to restore and reclaim our bodies, minds and spirits and WHOOOOLE LOTTA other yummy goodness WHILE resisting patriarchal hetero-normative capitalism and supporting local community based artists, unicorns, healers, magicians and healing justice organizations? Join Harriet’s Apothecary healers and our friends for our fifth annual community holiday bazaar and swag swap! on Sunday, December 16 from 12-7pm at MINKA

This Winter Solstice we will be lifting up the brilliance and creative genius of local community based Black, Indigenous and PoC Cis Women, Queer, Trans artists healers, unicorns and magicians, providing another opportunity for community to spend and share with intention and resist the problematic season of capitalism that often does not serve us. Proceeds from this year's bazaar will go to Diversidad Sin Fronteras, a collective of trans and gender non conforming leaders who are aiding LGBTQ refugees before, during, and after being released from immigration detention. 

███▓▒░░.WANNA VEND OR SWAG SWAP?.░░▒▓███ 
Are you a Black, Indigenous, PoC Cis woman, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two Spirit, Transgender, and Gender Non-Conforming artist, healer, unicorn, magician who's got homemade yumminess to sell and/or swap? We’d love to lift up your brilliance and create another opportunity for community to support local POC owned businesses like yours during this intense and often problematic season of capitalism and consumerism that often does not serve us.

Fill out the application below to join us and apply for a spot. Space is limited and will fill up fast!! Applications are due Friday, DECEMBER 7.

**********FILL OUT APPLICATION HERE********�


Your creative offerings could take the form of collages, paintings, plant based medicine, sex toys, food, drinks, clothing, music, sacred adornments, love letters, tarot divinations, poetics, healing soundscapes, luminary intergallactic afrofuturistic drawings, and whatever your heart and creativity intuitively designs that could serve as a gift this holiday season.

Check out scenes from previous bazaar’s below. 

███▓▒░░.arts and crafts.░░▒▓███



ARTREPRENEURSHIP was started in 2014 by a team of Brooklyn artists and organizers, who want to use our passion for the arts to serve our communities. We are a collective that sells our art and goods, and offer short term and long term one-on-one personalized client relations to our neighborhoods’ hard working organizations, small businesses and entrepreneurs on everything from art, web development, media and graphics to urban renewal, event planning and educational workshops and skill shares around art, economic justice and social entrepreneurship.

Twitter & Instagram: Artrepreneurs
FB: ARTrepreneurship



ODERA will be offering art prints, drawings, paintings, onsite commissions and drawings.

Odera is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, where they earned their BFA in Illustration. At Brown University, Odera studied movement-theater and west African dance with New Works/World Traditions. As an illustrator, Odera loves to explore storytelling through character archetypes, afro-diasporic mythologies, and magical girl transformation sequences.

Twitter and Instagram: Odyism
Tumblr: odera.tumblr.net
FB: www.facebook.com/Odera.Igbokwe/


███▓▒░░.URBAN GYPSY VISUALS.░░▒▓███

Urban Gypsy Visuals will be offering paintings, ornaments and jewelry boxes.

From visual artistry, dance and crafts to activism, mentorship and event facilitations, Omi Muhammad (often referred to by her professional moniker: Omi M The Urban Gypsy) is a multi-faceted woman whose art and ideologies are inspired by life’s realities and the wisdom gained through personal experiences. Omi M's disciplines are centered around the desire for improving the human condition; invoking critical thought regarding the unjust elements enveloping race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and social economic status. With an artistic style heavily influenced by her deep love for color, culture and tribal themes from the Americas and Africa, Omi M uses her gifts to challenge social and political issues around the world; encouraging people to embrace diversity and promote joy..

IG and Twitter:@omi_urbangypsy
FB: www.facebook.com/omi.urbangypsy

███▓▒░░.body ADORNMENT and jewelry.░░▒▓███


AGAIN Threads & Things will be offering vintage and resale clothing and accessories.

Daughter, mother, partner, singer, songwriter, sister and friend. lover of the divine within. blessed with the gift to re-imagine fashion. Endlessly inspired by positive expression.

Instagram: nisaaniaiye


███▓▒░░. ARIN LAWRENCE.░░▒▓███

Arin Lawrence will be offering Knit scarves, crocheted arm-mitts, upcycled jewelry, wire word charms and earrings, and  woven bracelets.

Arin Maya Lawrence, better known as ArinMaya, is a Chicago-born, Brooklyn-based singer, designer, and artisan who teaches and creates works that are smart and sustainable. Self- and mother-taught, she has been learning, creating and innovating for over 20 years. Her handmade designs include original patterned knit and crochet scarves, hats and jewelry, as well as jewelry and accessories made from recycled and up-cycled materials such as bottle caps, tee shirts, wine corks and buttons. Her work has been featured in O Magazine and on MTV's "Made" series, and she has taught workshops at the Brooklyn Museum, Weeksville Heritage Center and MoCADA Museum's Soul of Brooklyn Festival.

Twitter/Instagram/FB: arinmaya (everywhere)

███▓▒░░. COSA RARA.░░▒▓███

Cosa Rara will be offering vintage and preloved clothes/shoes and accessories

i am a deep-feeler // over-thinker// brown&proud // antipatriaca who is in the deep process of loving & learning herself && learning how to use her mixed indegenous roots as a method in the constant process of transformation && liberation. i am the founder/owner of COSA RARA a POC lead & focused social center/market place in turners falls, massachusetts.

www. facebook.com/cosarara413


███▓▒░░. FASHION STATEMENT.░░▒▓███

Fashion Statement will be offering handmade clothinig.

Fashion statment of hand-made, one-of-a-kind, sweatshop-free, silk-screened clothing. Original designs by Alixa and Naima. Clothing manufactured in the USA, hand-printed in Brooklyn. Fashion with something to say!



███▓▒░░. HARRIETS BY HEKIMA.░░▒▓███

Harriets by Hekima will be offering eco-friendly African inspired hand made fashion and home decor

Harriets by Hekima (HbyH) is a Africa inspired, moderate priced , ready to wear clothing experience for African people at home and abroad. HbyH is a Harriet's Alter Ego company. With 20+ years of NYC Fashion Stylist, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Design, Sewing and teaching experience Hekima Hapa is the single designer and visionary for the Harriet's by Hekima collection. Harriets by Hekima uses primarily West African wax and stretch cotton knits. As a descendant of Africa born in the rural south with 11 siblings the art of clothes making was first introduced as function rather than fashion.




L’ENCHANTEUR will be offering lifestyle adornments including caps, oils, t-shirts, home/table ware and jewelry. 

L’ENCHANTEUR is the creative fruit of identical twin designers, Dynasty & Soull Ogun, L'Enchanteur is a luxury concept brand inspired by the sciences, colour theory, numerology, religion, mythologies, magic, & fairytales.L'Enchanteur seeks to communicate a story behind each of their pieces, creating clothing, jewelry, and lifestyle items that redefine the meaning of an heirloom.




MoonWannie Manifestations will be offering handcrafted Copper & Crystal Jewelry and intuitive readings.

MoonWannie Manifestations makes jewelry to bring tools of healing and protection. The handcrafted spirits are made from Love and Spirit. As each piece is made, MoonWannie takes on the energy and properties of the crystals so that each jewelry is fully infused with medicine. If you are interested in working on a certain area of your life, these are prescriptions in a beautiful, stylish and wearable way. 


███▓▒░░.ROYAL PRINTS DESIGN.░░▒▓███

Royal Prints Design will be offering handmade (some hand painted) clutch purses and totes, quilted pillows, wire jewelry and accessories.

My name is Jay A'driel, a 24 year old business owner and artist from the "Steel City", Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, now residing in Delaware! I am a musician (both instrumentally and vocally), artist, fashion designer, and private music instructor. I love to LIVE, and strongly believe in making every single day beautiful and special and I enjoy helping others to love who they truly are and live the same. I created my company after battling with depression and overcoming it. The logo of my company, "RoyalPrints" , is a crown inside of a finger print. It is to show and remind us all that just as unique as your fingerprint is, you are just as unique, and also you are BORN ROYALTY, no one and nothing in this world can change that so you better STRUT like you know it! I am on my path of success, peace, happiness and love and would love to meet you all along the way.



Throne will be offering crochet scarves, hats, jackets and scarves

Shayna Janelle is a black queer artisan, organizer, and aspiring actress. Born in raised in pre-gentrified Chelsea, Shayna now currently resides in Brooklyn. She is passionate about amplifying the experiences and lived reality of queer women of color in media, finding obscure net series online, and crocheting to fill the world with more warmth and love. A distinctive line of crochet scraves, hats, etc. with bold an dexuberant designs made with the intention of feeling both warm and regal.


███▓▒░░.food and drink.░░▒▓███


Brown Buttah Holiday treats will be offering delicious holiday treats.

I’ve always found myself resulting to the kitchen as a child when I was left with boredom. Strangely my passion that I was unaware of at the time would always come to me in the form of box. My very first interaction with my love was a box with fancy stickers on the outside and the inside a light bulb. This light bulb baked all my products that I would push in at one end and out the other. What this box promised, I had never received; cinnamon rolls, nachos, cakes and cookies… well according to the advertisements. My flat pancakes had some how still given me instant gratification.

Another day of boredom I whipped out my magical box. The light bulb this day seemed to leave the inside of my box very dark. My mother had felt that my now broken magical box, and me needed to part ways. She handed me a small red box. This narrow red box, said open here at the top. In this box withheld a bag filled with a yellow powder. My mother introduced me to my new friends; eggs, oils and water. Little did I know that we would be become life long friends since they are just some of the essential ingredients in baking.

My trips to the kitchen seemed to become the norm. I had found myself filled with curiosity on what I could do in this magical place. The kitchen had become a place where I no longer would result to when I had nothing else to do, but a place that I could be creative. Its funny my curiosity would peak even more when I would sit in front of this box filled with moving pictures. The Food Network had me hooked but only towards the end when it was time for dessert. Ditching my easy bake oven and cake boxes it was all fresh ingredients or nothing.

Every weekend I would bake something. One day I had baked a carrot cake. My mother had taken half of this cake to share with her coworkers .She always loved showcasing her daughter’s talents whenever she could. That afternoon she had came beaming with excitement. She explained to me that several coworkers had requested me to sell this moist delicious carrot cake for Thanksgiving. I looked at her with excitement that they had enjoyed it so much that wanted more. Little did I know, that was only the beginning of this sweet life.

Time had passed and I was now a junior in high school. It was time to make the big decision on what I wanted to do with my life. I was majoring in law and had felt that it was not the right fit for my shy personality. Sitting in between classes I would have several recipe books that I would read. It finally hit me; I wanted to study baking and pastry arts. Johnson and Wales University became my school of choice. It was the only school that had offered a degree with no industry experience needed. I had gotten into their baking and pastry arts program that was very difficult to get into.

It has been 8yrs now and I have done so much since I decided to make pastry my life; Bachelors degree in Science, United Nations dinners, Study Abroad Peru and France, U.S Ski team dinners, Bryant park Christmas events, Five star restaurants; DB Bistro, DBGB, Lafayette and Zuma. I have learned from the very best but nothing pushes me more than working for myself. Brownbuttah is my way of expressing my form of art through food while making people happy. Now that I am a mother I want to show my son that there is nothing like creativity that you can create with your own two hands.

Instagram:  brownbuttah

███▓▒░░. THE SCENARIO .░░▒▓███

THE SCENARIO will be offering Black Bean Dip with Avocado and Cilantro Vinaigrette. Tortilla Chips, Jerk Marinated Tofu Thai Fresh Spring Rolls with Herbed Tahini Dipping Sauce and Black Bean Brownies

Danielle Lake

Greetings! My name is Danielle and I'd like to consider myself as a creative intellectual. A twenty something year old speech-language pathologist residing in the boogie down that loves to cook vegan comfort food, collect crystals (and create jewelry with them, too), practice Kemetic yoga, and engage in all activities dealing with nature. I am in the process of learning and growing in all of these areas and intend on creating a way to create a business of some sort that involves all of my interests. So, just wait on it!

Naliaka Wakhisi

Naliaka is a Miami native who resides in Brooklyn, NY. She moved to NYC to complete her Master's in Interactive Technology at NYU in order to give young people a way to tell their stories powerfully using new technologies. With a passion for education and empowerment, she now works as an educator with various NYC organizations and non-profits. In addition to her work as an educator, she is an overall artist who focuses on dance, and creative writing. She also has a passion for fitness and nutrition and has been working with adults and children for the past four years in the fitness industry. Outside of the classroom she work as a Chef Assistant at the Natural Gourmet Institute and organizes many events around food justice, healthy eating, and plant based cooking. The focus of her food is health supportive, comfort soul food. She runs an active meetup group called NYC Vegans of Color where she organizes several monthly events geared toward creating community around people of color and plant based eating. Her goal is to  continue to help young people and adults understand their role as leaders and have access to the tools they need to be successful contributors to their society.

Instagram: naliaka

███▓▒░░.skin care and herbal remedies.░░▒▓███


███▓▒░░.BEATBOX BOTANICALS.░░▒▓███ 

BeatBox Botanicals will be offering its signaturee Love medicine menu including Heart Honey wines, Trust Your Truth salves, Love Balms, Protection Sprays, Heart Oils, Truffles, Hair Elixirs, Bath Teas, and healing cooking oils. 

BeatBox Botanicals is a local, sliding-scale, love-centered and community-inspired, plant medicine and healing practice. Rooted in the traditions of our ancestors, we use compassion, your body’s intuitive experience, and plant wisdom to handcraft medicine that restores and expands our body’s abilities to heal and to love. We work with herbs and our bodies as tools for healing, reclaiming our individual and collective wisdom, and nurturing sustainable relationships with the Earth. We create customized medicinal herbal products based on what your body’s needs and truths are.We specialize in medicine that expands the capacities of the heart and our innate abilities to Love and heal from stress and trauma.



███▓▒░░. CONJURE IN THE CITY.░░▒▓███

Conjure in the City will be offering sangoma-style casting of the bones divination, hoodoo oils, sachet powders & spritzers.

Khi Armand is an Intuitive Consultant and Manifestation Expert whose work is grounded in the folk magic practices of the American South and contemporary shamanism.

Twitter: cityconjure
Instagram: CityConjure
FB:  http://facebook.com/ConjureintheCity


███▓▒░░. FLOWER CHILD.░░▒▓███

Flower Child will be offering yoni crystals, vaginal steam blends and womb tinctures

Jamila Kani is a DC based Full Spectrum Doula, Women's Herbalist, Earth Worker & Energy Worker. Her work is dedicated to the reclaiming of the Divine Feminine and represents a larger movement to reconnect women to the power and wisdom of their sexuality and bodies. Jamila offers an array of energy and earth based services to assist women in cultivating abundance and bliss.

Instagram & FB: flowerchilddoula


███▓▒░░. LOTUS EATERS.░░▒▓███

Lotus Eaters will be offering sweetgrass, sage, herb infused oils, reiki, bulk herbs, crystals and gemstones

I'm a wild, lionhearted creatrix. A maroon-blooded mermaid womanist. A sista, a lover, 13 frequencies of abundance. And I want to share my abundance with y'all. If you will have me. I will certainly always keep you. <3

FB: Manuka Honey IG: lotuseatslife


Purple Moon Botanicals will be offering Chinese herbal medicine with tongue and pulse diagnosis.

Julia Bennett is a licensed acupuncturist trained in both Chinese and Japanese acupuncture. She has also completed extensive studies in Chinese herbal medicine and Native American herbal medicine.


███▓▒░░. QUEERING HERBALISM.░░▒▓███

Queering Herbalism will be offering a decolonial, unapologetically black and brown resource guide, Herbal Freedom School zines, Liberatory Sustainability zine, Philosophactivism zine.

Toi is a visionary community organizer, warrior healer and medicine-maker of many varieties. They compile healing resources from a decolonial perspective uplifting the healing traditions, contributions and perspectives of our black and brown ancestors and queer and trans predecessors.

FB: facebook.com/afrogq & facebook.com/queeringherbalism