Harriet’s Apothecary healers are children from the lands of Nigeria, Haiti, Gullah, Trinidad, Jamaica, South Carolina, Lousiana and Brooklyn. We are descendants of warrior Black healers who have gathered like we have, time and time again, with our medicine, our stones, our rage, our crystals, our spells, our cries, our joys, and our truths, to break curses attempting to drown our communities’ light. We come from Black juju masters who have marked new trails of liberation for our people. Each of us summon the strands of medicine mimicking the recipes passed on to us from our intuition, from our grandmothers, from our communities.

Harriet’s Apothecary exists because we love our community deeply.

We want our healing village to be a space where we can feel into the pain that has been cast into our lives, and summon up creative opportunities to authentically invoke healing. We want to support our community in making plant-based, Earth-based, medicine potent enough to seep deep to unveil our sources of power and span wide enough to hold and heal the spaces that beg to be heard. We want to create a space where folks can feel and echo the reflection of strength and courage and resilience that they are. We want to lift up the wisdom of Black healers in our community. We want to create opportunities for folks to tap into the sacredness of their humanity and move beyond barred lines to weave points of connection that soften the sense of separation from their souls and each other. We want to paint shades of love with the intricate, complicated, flawed, miraculous of the myriad shapes of our bodies and spirits. We want to create spaces where we can be curious about the parts of our selves we want to bloom. We want to resurrect our ancestral awareness and innate wisdom that often gets hidden from our own view. We want to learn and share self-care practices that will translate powerfully in our vessels and in the makeup of our communities. We want to expand beyond what we’ve known about the medical industrial complex and create magical healing portals that align with the heartbeats of our truths and desires.