The intention of Harriet’s Apothecary is to continue the rich healing legacy of abolitionist, community nurse and herbalist Harriet Tubman. Like our courageous ancestor, we intend to expand access to health and healing resources that support our community, specifically Black, Indigenous and PoC folks,  in their healing journeys toward freedom. We also hope to connect individuals and communities to accessible self and community based resources that are rooted in the wisdom of our bodies, our ancestors and our plant families.

Our village is an intentional space for self-identified POC/Indigenous/Mixed-Race Cis Women, Queer and Trans folks and the allies that love them.


We recognize that there are significant individual, collective and generational consequences to living in a world that systematically oppresses people of color. We know that the consistent, widespread direct and indirect exposure to  violence, colonization, loss, burn-out, stress, microagressions, imperialism, dis-ease and traumatic social conditions permeates and impacts our personal and interpersonal physical, emotional and spiritual well-beings. We know that time and time again enduring systemic injustices impacts our relationship to self and community care and our relationship to our movement building work. We want to be a part of shifting this reality in our bodies and our communities. We are enthusiastic about the infinite possibilities we can all create when we engage our individual and collective capacity to heal, to love and to transform.


We seek to resist and complicate our histories of oppression and reclaim our individual and collective resilience, wellness, safety and liberatory practices and use these powerful tools that exist within and around us to transform our communities.

We intentionally choose to gather as a healing team of Black Cis Women, Queer and Trans people because our existence and togetherness is fundamentally a form of resistance against the colonization of our bodies, practices and communities. Harriet’s Apothecary is committed to being a part of a long legacy of healers who center healing in social justice work for the sake of liberating our bodies and our communities. Our shared goal is to create dynamic healing spaces that supports Black, Indigenous and PoC folks in connecting with a deeper sense of resilience, self worth and acceptance, transformative healing, and inspiration to  liberate injustice in their tissues and within the spaces they occupy. This necessary tactic of engaging with our own individual and collective healing endorses our lives whole. It reclaims that which has been taken from us and strengthens and enriches our possibilities of survival and in turn the dynamic capacities of liberation and transformation.