“Harriet's Apothecary was like nothing I have ever experienced! I have never prioritized health and wellness and as a movement builder who has taken on more intense work in the last year, the stress has taken a tremendous toll on my body. But these aches and pains aren't easily explained to traditional doctors. Harriet's Apothecary provided a healing environment where I could speak to the nature of my ailments and seek support for specified healing”


"Healing, helpful, beautiful and a much needed entity. It helps me to release and to reup to continue the work I am doing and to connect with other like minds. Its a great space. “


“I brought my mom to the apothecary, and it was a really solidifying moment for me, to see how deeply the practices of the apothecary could impact her and me, and to see how innate healing practices are to our people and how desperately we need them back. I feel as though healing is my life's work and thank you all for solidifying that for me.”


“As someone who has in the story spent years fighting alongside my qtpoc kin against oppression, to then eventually realize my inner power and wholeness, it is so refreshing to see that there are communities of color doing the inner work to realize their true power as well.Harriet's Apothecary has served for me as a fine example of what is possible. “


“This healing space is so necessary. As a queer identified POC, its really tough to stay whole, especially in NYC. So, to be able to bring my WHOLE, WHOLE self to this space is powerful beyond belief. To be in connection with my siblings and ancestors is cosmic to me. I love Harriet’s Apothecary and look forward to the next gathering”


“it was incredible and a much-needed healing space as a black queer woman.  truly rare to be able to break bread, cry, grow, and healing with so many queer sisters, and also supportive black men.”


"Just to my life Harriet's Apothecary is a necessary space, I wish I had daily access to it. We definitely need spaces that are affirming and healing for black women.”


HA embodied my desire to participate in intentional spaces that emphasize self-care, cooperative economics, and unifying principles. 


“the day was filled with mother (Divine) mother energy. Each healer provided a cocoon of love and healing energy work through touch and intuition. I was floating! When is the next one? "


“my experience was positive, soul healing, heart shaking-discovering, educational and therapeutic. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you”


“It is important to affirm and declare who we are (QWOC, etc) and also not allow that affirmation block out the possibilities that do not fit our expectations. Thank you for offering that balance with Harriet’s Apothecary. I shopped, received Reiki healing, ate and read enlightening material. Also got a sun bath. A lot of of the positive sides of my experience had to do witht eh space, taking place in this house. Mad props to everyone and everything that brought everything together.”


“Powerful and heart opening. What a gift to share space with community and to talk directly about healing and learn how to start, deep, encourage practice around shared work. I am deeply grateful for this space and hope to support and attend the next”


“Bliss, Perfection, healing light, abundance, intelligence, ancestral gifts and memory-this is Harriet’s Apothecary"


“ I could feel the vibration from the sidewalk. I was embraced with a kind spirit of love, openess and well being. Every healer brought their ancestors/spirit guides with them. this was a crowded yet productive space. The offers were useful and the operation was well organized and concise. Job well done!”


“this event was fulfilling inspirational, a gift to the soul. a breath of fresh herb-infused air!! Feeling all the LOVE. Thank you"